Pool Pro Panel: Tips on Succeeding in the Pool Industry & Customer Relations Everyone has to start somewhere. In the pool industry, it can sometimes be a long haul to reach your goals. And there is the added fact that we are in customer service whether you see it that way or not. One aspect is the pool service and the other is customer relations. I sat down with 6 of my group members and we talked about their successes and failures. The members of the panel are: Karl in Sacramento and owner of Pool Ninja Pool & Spa Service Dean in Chandler AZ of Big Family Pools Lance in Tucson AZ of Southwest Pool Service Brennen in San Diego CA of Blue River Pool & Spa Chris in Tampa FL of Pool Guardians John in Coachella Valley of J&J Flawless Pools Each member has a unique background and also services a different area so the challenges although similar do differ. All are excellent examples of successful pool service pros. Here are some qualities that I think you need to be successful in the industry: The fi

How To Keep Your HOT TUB From FREEZING | Swim University If you're worried about your hot tub freezing, there are 5 steps you can take to protect your spa from the cold weather, including changing out the hot tub water a little bit at a time and investing in a floating thermal blanket. And remember: most winter hot tub damage comes when your hot tub water freezes in the pipes, fittings, and heater. So proper preparation and winterization is key. 💦 Get 10% off our hot tub maintenance video course and ebook by using the promo code VIDEO: 👍 Our Favorite Hot Tub Maintenance Gear: ⏰ Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction to How To Keep Your Hot Tub From Freezing 00:24 - #1. Change Your Hot Tub Water 01:06 - #2. Use In A Good Cover 01:21 - #3. Use A Floating Thermal Blanket 01:32 - #4. Check Your Water Level 01:50 - #5.

Jacuzzi JVS Variable Speed Pump Line-Up: Overview of All 3 Models Jacuzzi has a new line-up of Variable speed pumps and they are now available at your local Leslie’s Pool Supply. These VS pumps have been designed with the new Department of Energy (DOE) regulations in mind and all of them meet the new standards. They also feature a lot of other upgrades and there are currently 3 models to choose from. There are the new Jacuzzi JVS Series pumps: JVS270 is a 2.7 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 12.9 WEF JVS185 is a 1.85 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.1 WEF JVS165 is a 1.65 THP VS pump with a DOE rating of 10.7 WEF All of these pumps are dual voltage which means they will work with either 115 volts or 230 volts. So if you have an older pool that is wired on a 110 v breaker, you can use any of these three pumps as the voltage is automatically modulated. I would suggest the JVS165 or the JVS185 to utilize the total hp rating of these pumps. The JVS270 will be throttled down to about 1.5 hp when connect

How To Lower ALKALINITY In A HOT TUB | Swim University If the alkalinity in a hot tub is too high, it can reduce your sanitizer’s effectiveness and cause green water. But why is your hot tub alkalinity too high in the first place? And how do you lower your alkalinity? To lower alkalinity in a hot tub, you actually need to manage your pH levels. 💦 Get 10% off our hot tub maintenance video course and ebook by using the promo code VIDEO: 👍 Our Favorite Hot Tub Maintenance Gear: ⏰ Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction to How To Lower Alkalinity In A Hot Tub 00:21 - What Is Hot Tub Alkalinity And pH 01:01 - What Causes High Alkalinity? 02:01 - How To Lower Alkalinity In A Hot Tub 02:49 - What If Alkalinity and pH Are Too Low 03:16 - How To Control Hot Tub Alkalinity and pH 04:00 - Hot Tub Care Video Course 📺 Subscrib

Why is pH so Important in Balancing Your Pool With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry Swimming pool pH is often a test factor that is misunderstood or not given the proper attention. We know it is one of the big 3 test factors alongside Chlorine and Alkalinity but why I the pH important to measure and keep in the range each week? I go over pH in-depth with chemistry expert Bob Lowry. Bob Lowry has created over 100 chemicals used in today’s Pool & Spa Industry and has written over 20 books on pool & spa chemistry. He has been in the industry for over 47 years and is the Lead Consultant at Lowry Consulting Group, leads the Pool Chemistry Training Institute, and has created the Certified Residential Pool & Spa Certification Program. Learn more at Here are some other recordings I did with Bob Lowry: pH and Why it is So Important in Balancing a Pool With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry (this video): Raising and Lowering the pH in a Pool With Chemistry Exp

Clear Pool Filter Apron - Perfect for the Messy Job of Filter Cleaning! Check out this custom made apron made specifically for the messy job of filter cleaning! It is hand made in Mexico and is water-resistant. Extra-wide sides keep your pants and legs clean, large pockets in the front are perfect for the Spring Barrel Nuts and other filter bolts. It unclips from the neck as well as the back for easy removal. From the makers of the Riptide Cover and Clear Pool Vacuum Bags. The Clear Pool Filter Apron is great! Get yours today: I have always worn an apron when I clean my pool filters because let’s face it, no matter how careful you are the job can be very messy. I first started with a regular cooking apron from Walmart. That didn’t go so well as it would become very dirty and stained and it didn’t offer any protection after it got saturated with gunk. I then moved to a waterproof butcher-type apron which was good except that the waist was a tie strap and it always

PoolRx Guide For Your Pool Service Accounts: Installation, Sizing and Cautions PoolRx is an effective way to enhance the chlorine in your customer’s pools but there are some things you need to know before you drop one in the skimmer or pump basket. It is of course not a magic bullet so using it in a pool that is more balanced will get the best results. PoolRx is a Mineral Technology that does two very simple things when used in your pool or spa; it eliminates all algae and will allow you to use less chlorine during the pool season. The active ingredient is Copper Sulphate Pentahydrate (chelated). What Chelated means is that the metals in the PoolRx have been bonded to form two coordinated bonds similar to what Metal Sequestering Agents do. This means that the Metal Ions will remain in the PoolRx unit with no metal ions being introduced into the pool or spa water. PoolRx is Chelated so the metal ions stay within the PoolRx unit itself. Make sure that you choose the right size PoolRX unit so that the treatment will b