Emaux E-Power Pump (International Market Only) 5 Liter Wet End, 2 1/2" Plumbing and Plugs Right In! The Emaux E-Power pump is packed with tones of great features. The first thing you need to know is that it is an international product sold in over 90 countries around the world, excluding the United States. So if you are stateside sorry, this amazing pump is not yet available to you. But for those around the world where Emaux products are sold, this is a solid buy. About Emaux: Emaux is a recognized global manufacturer that meets and surpasses the expectations of customers with best-in-class products and services. With quality at the heart of everything we do, we offer specialized products to swimming pools, spas, aquatic centers, water parks, aquaculture, public aquariums, water features, and water treatment projects. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Emaux enjoys a truly global network with offices in Europe and China. For over 35 years, we have been actively engaged in key water projects worldwide and worked closely with industrial consult

How To Fix A HOT TUB Air Lock in 2 Ways | Swim University If you’ve ever turned on your hot tub only to find that nothing is coming out of your hot tub jets, it's probably a HOT TUB AIR LOCK. That means you’ve got air trapped in the hot tub plumbing lines. Here are two simple ways to troubleshoot a hot tub air lock and get your hot tub water flowing again. 💦 Get 10% off our hot tub maintenance video course and ebook by using the promo code VIDEO: 👍 Our Favorite Hot Tub Maintenance Gear: ⏰ Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction to Fixing A Hot Tub Air Lock 00:25 - How Does An Air Lock Happen? 01:14 - Method #1: Burping Your Hot Tub Jets 01:50 - Method #2: Expelling Air Directly From Your Hot Tub Pump 03:16 - Hot Tub Care Video Course 04:07 - Why Not To Use A Plunger to Fix An Air Lock 04:31 - Additional Hot Tub Wat

All About Adding Borates to Your Swimming Pool with Bob Lowry I recently sat down with Bob Lowry who is probably is the smartest person in the industry when it comes to pool chemistry. We spend some time talking about borates and their benefits and also the safety concerns around borates. Here are the proven benefits of having a Borate level of 30-50 ppm: Lower Chlorine usage: The Borate helps reduce chlorine usage by eliminating Carbon Dioxide and also by keeping the pH stable. Chlorine last longer when the pH is right at 7.6-7.8. When the chlorine is in the ideal range the killing element in chlorine the HOCI is at the most balanced percentage so the chlorine in a pool with a pH of 7.4 is 30% more effective than in a pool with a pH of 8.0. This is a big factor in creating the safest swim environment and the borates will keep the pH much more stable and in turn, make the chlorine much more effective. pH is stable: The pH won't change much in a pool with Borate in it. So, if you have a Salt Wa

Polaris Cleaner Jets Are Clogged: Cleaning a Water Management System (Polaris P39 Shown) The Polaris pressure cleaner is designed to run smoothly and last for decades but sometimes you may find it on the bottom of the pool not running. There are several moving parts to the cleaner and sometimes it is a mechanical problem. Often it is something very simple and one thing often overlooked is a clogged venturi. How the cleaner operates can sometimes be an important clue to finding out the problem of why the cleaner is not moving. The Polaris cleaner operates on a separate return line with a dedicated booster pump. There is basically only one failsafe that will prevent debris from clogging the cleaner and that is a thimble-like screen in the cleaners feed hose line. Once debris gets past this point it has the potential of clogging up the cleaner. So water is feed into the cleaner from the dedicated cleaner booster pump to the cleaner and it travels through a series of smaller tubs on the bottom of the cleaner and then out the top

HOT TUB MAINTENANCE for Beginners: 3 MUST-KNOW RULES | Swim University There are 3 Hot Tub Maintenance Rules every hot tub owner needs to follow. And once you understand how to manage these 3 basic concepts, you’ll be able to keep your hot tub clean and clear without a ton of troubleshooting. 💦 Get 10% off our hot tub maintenance video course and ebook by using the promo code VIDEO: 👍 Our Favorite Hot Tub Maintenance Gear: ⏰ Timestamps: 00:00 - Introduction to Hot Tub Maintenance 00:23 - Know Your Hot Tub's Vital Statistics 00:46 - The 3 Basic Rules of Hot Tub Maintenance 01:05 - Rule #1: Maintain Good Hot Tub Circulation 02:52 - Rule #2: Stick To A Simple Hot Tub Cleaning Schedule 04:14 - Rule #3: Balance Your Hot Tub Water Chemistry 06:39 - Hot Tub Care Video Course 📺 Subscribe to our channel if you want more informa

Why Is Balancing You Pool Water Important anyway? With Bob Lowry Why is balancing your pool so important? The main reason I think and one overlooked at times is that the water can look great and inviting but it could actually be a breeding ground for pathogens that can make a swimmer very ill. Bob Lowry is the foremost expert on swimming pool chemistry and he answers these questions and more in the podcast series I recorded with him. Podcast recordings: “Why is Balancing Your Pool Important Anyway?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry: “Is High CYA Really a Problem?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry: “Is Cyanuric Acid Testing Accurate?” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry: “Preventing Algae in Your Pool” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry: “Swimming Pool Metal Staining 101” With Chemistry Expert Bob Lowry:

The Ultimate Zodiac MX6 & MX6 Elite Repair Video In this video I go over replacing parts in your Zodiac MX6 if it is not moving in the pool or not turning. The thing I really like about the MX6 vs the MX8 is how easy it is to work on. Not that the MX8 is difficult, but there are fewer parts in the MX6 and it just is compact and easier to work on. You will also be able to isolate the problem easier on the M6 and get it up and running like new again in a matter of minutes. One of the drawbacks of the MX6 is all of the moving parts wear out over time. Fortunately, the parts are inexpensive and easy to install. I would say after 1 ½ to 2 years you will need to start to replace some parts, and this depends on the pool run time also. But figure at the 2-year mark replacing all of these parts featured in this video series would be a good idea. This first video covers what to do if the MX6 stops going thru its turn cycle. Very common in the MX8 but less common in the MX6 since there is only on